Why appear less goods or damaged when receiving?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-11
Why do business in the product out of the warehouse has repeatedly stressed to let the driver out before warehouse point number, check good, signature again after the number of products is verified, the warehouse is not responsible for anything. Not to say that the factory warehouse less or damage to goods delivery to the customer, just may be lost or damaged on the road! Any factory will not make fun of customer support and trust, transit, accidents, we really can't control a large of small factories, not to say that because to send you one or two cases will earn less, just really has some factors cannot be controlled, ask each customer can understand! Product information: polishing tile, bo changes a brick, glazed ceramic tiles, diamond, negative ion ceramic tile ceramic tile, wood grain brick, and archaize brick, connect body to ceramic tile ceramic tile, marble tile, marble plate, ceramic tile, floor tile, wall tile, Jin Gangjing drilling ceramic tile, porcelain tile, terrazzo, spelling a flower ceramic tile ceramic tile, artistic background wall, light tile, etc.
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