Why before laying brick tile to bubble water? How to tile bubble water is right?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-19
Believe that many experienced the decorate worker friends were seen before shop sticks ceramic tile ceramic tile for bubble water treatment, for such a phenomenon, a lot of people feel very curious. Want to know why the tile bubble water? What kind of ceramic tile need bubble water? How to tile bubble water? For this problem to popularize the foshan ceramic tile factory. What kind of ceramic tile need bubble water? The bubble water to points of ceramic tile tile bibulous rate, bibulous rate & lt; 0. 5% without bubble water when the shop is stuck, and hutch is defended with a glazed wall tile and floor tile, bibulous rate is generally greater than 10%, when the shop is stuck is necessary for bubble water ( If say for ceramic wall tile, bibulous rate is lower than 0. Also would not need the bubble water 5%, of course) 。 < p = ' ” > Ceramic tile: why do you want to bubble water? Ceramic tile is in order to prevent bubble water to absorb the moisture of water to cement mortar, lest cause an empty drum, fall off, and even crack, especially to metope shop is stuck, before the shop is stuck in metope, need water work on metope, the same is true. Ceramic tile is more or less there will be a certain pore, shop before the bubble water, in order to make the pore water adequately, and porcelain tiles because of its high density, porosity, also makes the bibulous rate is very low. How to tile bubble water? Now that say 'bubble water', they must be completely submerged ceramic tile, the general contractor will prepare a big basin. Construction group, but there are some irresponsible will stack up ceramic tile use pipes to drench water above, it can only be wetted ceramic tile, ceramic tile is not fully 'full', after the shop is stuck is likely to appear all sorts of problems. Improper bubble water drop porcelain? Ceramic tile is put into the water, be sure to glaze up, ceramic surface facing down. If glaze downwards, ceramic tile Angle knock against each other, easy to porcelain. Just out of the bricks from the basin, the ground mat packing carton, also will back against the wall ceramic tile, glazed facing up. If the glaze is the Angle, because of the Angle of ceramic tile is very fragile, easy to knock off the porcelain. Bubble is how long? Due to different the water absorption of ceramic tile is different, so there is no a specific standard. But the result is to ceramic tile 'full', the water is no longer bubbled. Bibulous rate is high, the bubble will be longer. Rainy days the air is humid, the time is reduced; Summer when the weather is dry, time will increase accordingly. Ceramic tile manufacturers conclusion: bubble water is in the shop sticks ceramic tile ceramic tile must do one thing before, but should use a few pieces of foam ceramic tile pieces, don't again will all the ceramic tile of bubble water, otherwise the ceramic tile of bubble water can't refund, cause needless loss.
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