Why do some bricks seem to have color difference?

Why do some bricks seem to have color difference?


The national standard clearly stipulates in the annotations that the irregular color change or the color change on the whole brick which is consciously manufactured as the characteristics of bricks and the surface of bricks can not be regarded as chromatic aberration. The spots and spots which appear for decorative purposes are not considered as defects. Some of them adopt roller printing or triple screen skip printing to make the color gradient and texture of each product natural. Transition, which is precisely to achieve natural effects and reflect the characteristics of antique ceramic tiles, irregular color changes made consciously and color changes on whole tiles can not be regarded as color difference. Because of the natural transition of color on single tiles, the color differences of products after cutting are more obvious, but these are "natural" appeals of original design of products. It can be distinguished from the color difference caused by production as a defect. But some specially designed to feel like nature, with Yin and Yang natural color as the product feel, this is not called color difference.

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