Why shop sticks ceramic tile with the cross?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-18
1. Ceramic tile has the problem of heat from the cold tiles and cement mortar paste will exist the problem of heat bilges cold shrink, or moderate changes in temperature in the process of ceramic tile and cement mortar has certain scale, if no gap, can lead to appear in the process of the ceramic tile in the later use the drum or split, rebuild time-consuming, trouble, bring inconvenience to the family. 2. Ceramic tile ceramic tile size error though there now are mechanized production, but in the process of production, there is a certain size error, if no gap, prone to paste ceramic tile juncture when not level off, the influence of ceramic tile is beautiful. 3. Worker construction ceramic tile shop sticks error is to belong to a construction worker proficiency required high a link, the workers in the shop is stuck in the process of every piece of ceramic tile can't do the shop is stuck without error. In addition, in different time, different conditions can shop sticks ceramic tile the effect difference if no seam, also cannot guarantee tiles splicing gap flat problem, which affect the continuity of the ceramic tile shop sticks. So is a ceramic tile ceramic tile cross construction process, used to adjust the size of the ceramic tile seam is plastic products, using shop sticks ceramic tile cross not only improve the efficiency of the seam is the shop is stuck, and greatly improve the accuracy between the seam and the seam.
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