Why will suddenly ceramic tile the drum?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-18
Many owners will decorate after a period of time why ceramic tile strange home suddenly the drum? In fact, it is difficult to solve this problem is not, first to find out the problem, to the deepening of the targeted to solve this problem. One, the reason of ceramic tile suddenly the drum first, may be because of the combination of the paste layer at the bottom of the ceramic tile can not meet the design requirements, led to the ceramic tile adhesive were not strong enough, so it is easy to make up the drum ceramic tile. Second, may also in ceramic tile paste is not the problem, but later use to protect is not enough just to, lead to ceramic tile bottom after laying mortar before on the strength of ceramic tile already under too much pressure, causes suddenly the drum ceramic tile. Third, it is also possible because master bricklayer laid technology does not pass, in ceramic tile laid when I was left a gap, so ceramic tile and the surface of the cement will leave a lot of bubbles and empty drum. Fourth, with ceramic tile of laid of it may be because the teacher in the handling of the size of the gap is not appropriate, lead to tile base layer at the bottom of the scale is large, so ceramic tile layer arch. Second, to solve the problem of ceramic tile is suddenly the drum in understanding why suddenly the various causes of the drum after ceramic tile, takes effective countermeasures for a different reason is the key aspect, divided into the following several aspects to judgment. A, aiming at the condition of the ceramic tile not completely loose. This case will have operational difficulties, it was take up when ceramic tile ceramic tile is likely to lead to appear different degree of damage. At this time to find the same size and color of ceramic tile subsidies, very not easy. In leveraged ceramic tile also should pay attention to methods, use the crowbar from the middle of ceramic tile rip, avoid damage on the other tiles around. Remove dust and impurities to the area after cleaning, then use a special glue to paste. Second, aiming at the condition of the ceramic tile has been completely loose. This kind of circumstance processing are relatively simpler to solve, you only need to have the ceramic tile of loose blocks out, and both sides of the dust and impurities are completely clean. And then use special glue to paste. However, when to stickup ceramic tile, be sure to paste evenly and fully attention to the pressure resistance of ceramic tile itself, avoiding the phenomenon of empty drum ceramic tile occur again.
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