Will learn! The Mosaic tile product protection and cleaning maintenance

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-20
Mosaic tiles, though small, has a non-slip abrasion resistance, water resistance and design and color is rich, strong plasticity, and therefore is widely used in the space, especially between wei yu is decorated. Now, as an introduction to how to maintain clean Mosaic tiles, reduce troubles of daily cleaning and maintenance. A, protect the Mosaic tile products 1, the shop is stuck to clean after the completion of the coagulation of Mosaic tiles bonding layer and the back seam an agent, you can start to clean the surface of the Mosaic tiles. Prepare two pails, cleaner and clean water to open. Use cloth soaked with cleaner, first need not special twist dry, use looped way to wipe the surface of the Mosaic; And then a sponge soaked with clean water, use a sponge to wipe the surface of the Mosaic, wipe cleaner all residues, etc. Use a sponge to wipe a few more times, until Mosaic surface clean. 2, check the details of the shop is stuck out to finish whole metope brick, ceramic tile adhesive layer and the seam an agent after solidification, and seriously do a check again. Will be left floating in the slit sand soft brush lightly with a clean damp out, if floating sand out of the gap after the show, with 1:1 mud filled again, when the mud washed again after solidification. 3, Mosaic tiles, Mosaic tiles after the completion of the shop is stuck to ventilation after completion of the shop is stuck, can proper airing, had just finished paving ground should avoid direct sunlight and keep the general ventilation in 24 hours, after the completion of the shop is stuck marseille's later curing of not less than 7 days. Second, Mosaic tiles daily cleaning and maintenance, daily clean 1 ( 1) You can use the good water imbibition cotton cloth soaked with water to wipe clean. Because the surface of the Mosaic tiles are very smooth, not shelter evil people and practices easily, so the daily cleaning very convenient also. In addition, after a long time can also use neutral brightening agent to wipe, it helps keep the Mosaic surface if brightness is new. ( 2) If there is no drainage system of the floor, and the need to take a hoover over the ground, and then use cleaner water to wipe, with dry dishcloth clean traces of detergent and water, basically will be clean. If the floor of the shower, take a shower every day directly spray a little cleaner have the functions of decontamination, late basically don't how to clean. 2, daily maintenance and daily maintenance need to pay attention to: (of the Mosaic tiles 1) If it is floor tile prevent heavy impact, but also prevent the weight dragged on the ground. ( 2) If there is a Mosaic falls off phenomenon, you need to use the same kind of Mosaic paste repair. ( 3) The daily clean wiping gently, then clean once a week on a regular basis. Most Mosaic is a small area of the shop is stuck in the toilet or kitchen as ornament adornment effect, and the two local shelter evil people and practices the most easily, therefore daily cleaning and care can't be lazy.
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