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Will the tiles fall off in the sun

Will the tiles fall off in the sun


The ceramic tiles are exposed to the sun for a long time, which will increase the risk of falling off. There are many reasons for the tiles to fall off the wall. One is the hollowing phenomenon when tiling tiles. That is, the mortar in the tiles is not full. It falls off, and there are also weak adhesion of the original wall and the mortar used when tiling tiles, and peeling occurs. But this situation will occur. A large area of shedding. Therefore, when the tiles are applied, a layer of glue is usually applied to the original wall to achieve the best paste effect.

In some cases, it is the problem of tiles. Nowadays, many families like to use floor tiles china to paste wall tiles, and the floor tiles are processed into tile specifications, but the way to paste the wall tiles is the same as that of tiles. Cement mortar paste is also used, but it is easy to fall off. This situation cannot be as simple as cement mortar paste. If your home has very few tiles falling off, it may be hollow.

Will the ceramics change color if they are left in the wind and sun for a long time? Will the picture inside change color? What kind of ceramic patterns are not easy to change color or not change color?

The colors of porcelain are divided into over-glaze, mid-glaze and under-glaze. Generally speaking, except for over-glaze, the rest are high-temperature glazes, which do not fade; but over-glazes are low-temperature glazes and are on-glaze. So it is easy to fade.

What kind of tiles are used in the sun?

All-ceramic vitrified tiles are recommended here. A few dollars of terracotta bricks are not dense enough, and they tend to crack after a few months of exposure because of the glazed surface. And you have to soak in water to paste. For vitrified tiles, the water absorption rate is generally less than 0.5% and the density is good. The water absorption rate of ceramic brick is generally greater than 15%, and the density is poor. The vitrified tiles are polished, and the inside and outside are a kind of porcelain. It will crack if there is no sun.

How to repair the cracks on the surface of the tile that was exposed to the sun? Here to provide several methods.

1. The cracks can be covered with tile paste

    For the first time tile paving, there are often more demanding users who use tile paste as a caulking agent. It can also be used to repair obvious cracks to cover up.

2. Use toner to make up for hard objects

If you accidentally damage the surface of the ceramic tile by hard objects and cause scratches and other problems, use marble glue plus curing agent, use toner to adjust the color to a close color, fill in the vacancy on the porcelain surface, and polish it after hardening. It may cause different degrees of chromatic aberration problems.

3. It is recommended to chisel and paste the cracks

If the damage of the brick is so serious that cracks appear, it is recommended to hire a professional ceramic tile manufacturer, and then stick a piece of the same brick for the best effect.

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