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by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-22
, many people know ledge to ceramic tile requires a lot of kung fu, these places is not like the sitting room, a lot of times requires some additional skills, so this small make up to make a brief introduction of the windowsill ceramic tile on what are the skills, I hope it can help you! ( Window tiles) 1. Kitchen and bathroom window to note on ceramic tile, kitchen toilet as is not too difficult, because the kitchen and toilet metope is usually sticks ceramic tile, according to the size of the window measured directly, cutting ceramic tile, and stickup go up, the late with the seam an agent to handle crack. 2. The bedroom window edge, usually the bedroom metope besmear is emulsioni paint or wall paper, window shop sticks marble, atmosphere and texture. But paste special ceramic tile can also show very beautiful, if the large ceramic tile shop is stuck, the best window of affix the ceramic tile of a certain length, also it looks more complete not abrupt, at the same time protect the right-angle struggling. Gap with same seam an agent to handle. 3. Small ceramic tile as Mosaic tiles, small shop is stuck, ceramic tile, especially for a design and color shape also is very good-looking, as work is same as above, but be careful not to prolong your next too much, you can refer to the marble decurrent width. In short or see oneself to like. 4. You must be aware of the placement of ceramic tile. Ceramic tile, big or small all don't like is the whole piece of marble, there will be a lot of flat-fell seam when the shop is stuck, when the shop is stuck must look how to plan ahead arranged layout. Preferably mesa and the audience flat-fell seam is consistent, it will keep the whole. 5. Pay attention to the width of the window. Some special wide windowsill, and do not want to be the bay window, if the can operate, you can install Windows move. Design your favorite window width, so that both paved marble and ceramic tile can have more choice. Met a very narrow window, of course, if you can can also try the widened. 6. Be born of the sill of the window. French window sill will be very narrow, usually paved marble will direct shop floor, if ceramic tile, can try to choose on wall ceramic tile, affix windowsill and below all together, this wouldn't have to play crural line. This is current on the windowsill ceramic tile on need to be aware of a few tricks, if also want to know more about ceramic tile decoration related content of the message, welcome to continue to focus on our European brunei's official website! Finally thank you for watching! The next issue we goodbye! ( Window tiles)
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