With diamond tile decoration?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-10
In recent years, rapid progress in building materials market of building materials, such as ceramic tile, the ceramic tile of now a lot of new technology into our life, in the midst of these tiles, there is a kind of ceramic tile is very conspicuous, it is the diamond tile. Hear the word 'diamond' is always associated with the super hardness. Then, the advantages and disadvantages of diamond ceramic tile is what? A, diamond 1, the advantages of ceramic tile ceramic tile has the characteristic of wear-resisting, its glaze with elements of silicon and other wear-resistant material, after the fire can be achieved and category of C60 molecular structure about the hardness of diamond and its physical performance than ordinary ceramic tile is improved. The technology solved the ceramic tile not wear-resisting, easily scratched phenomenon, wear-resisting and become the most significant characteristics of diamond tile advantages. 2, diamond is the use of hard cast mold for polishing operation, while the difficulty of polishing a lot more than before, but its polishing effect is very good, corrugated tile zero water was realized, the overall effect looks smooth, flat, touch the texture of ceramic tile is very good, ordinary ceramic tile you never even the shooting effect. 3, diamond tile is fired by secondary crystallization technology of manufacturing, the surface of the glaze layer adopts the glazing process for many times, so the stability of the physical properties of diamond ceramic tile is higher, generally do not absorb sewage from the outside world, so the industry has said the diamond is zero pollution of ceramic tile ceramic tile. 4, diamond ceramic tile is very high to the requirement of adobe, average thickness is 11. 5mm~12. 0 is the thickness of 5 mm, the surface of the glass surface. 5 ~ 1 mm, through advanced secondary firing technology, make it in a 1180 - degree heat environment, hardness can reach 92 ~ 96. So the brightness of the diamond ceramic tile ceramic tile is much higher than the ordinary, can appear high-end atmosphere in indoor decoration. 5, diamond tile glaze layer is thick, and have special manufacturing process, so its colour is very uniform, color is more natural, so it can achieve genuine stone effect, looks very natural, suitable for villas and high-grade residential decoration. Second, the diamond tile the shortcoming of 1, the firing of ceramic tile requirements is very high, and the surface of the ceramic tile glaze is imported, so about 30% higher than the ordinary ceramic tile, plus diamond process requirement is very high, ordinary manufacturers no diamond tile manufacturing technology. Therefore, the prevalence rate of diamond ceramic tile is not very high. 2, diamond as a whole is a heavy kind of ceramic tile, installation time is time consuming, undoubtedly increased the decoration cost. 3, relatively diamond tile glaze layer thickness is not high, only achieve BoWei crystal ceramic tile product thickness, compared with microcrystalline ceramic tile products will also have a certain gap. Diamond, in general, many of the advantages of or the right, you get what you pay for, in the long term use, diamond ceramic tile is worth to recommend.
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