With what decorate ceramic tile adhesive

by:Overland ceramics     2020-07-24
Introduced how to use this site in the past the content of the glue sticks ceramic tile ceramic tile, but many ceramic tile floor tile dealers telephone to inquire what decorate ceramic tile glue? Small make up for this, the ceramic tile manufacturer give share the problem are as follows: first of all, what decorate ceramic tile glue? You first look at where is ceramic tile, if is to stick wall tile, because want to stick on the wall, then you need to use the viscous strong ceramic tile adhesive, but also depends on what kind of ceramic tile, then targeted choose ceramic tile adhesive, because different ceramic tile adhesive and different material is used to match each other. Secondly, decorate metope ceramic tile, we suggest that the general is depending on the material to use ceramic tile to take off the acetate type ceramic tile adhesive and acid type ceramic tile glue the two types of ceramic tile adhesive, ceramic tile adhesives is not recommended to take off the alcohol, it is because of their characteristics, to take off the glycol type ceramic tile adhesive for marble, plastic viscosity and fluorine carbon profile is poorer, acid type ceramic tile adhesive because acid can produce acetic acid curing glue, with cement and basic materials such as stone material surface reaction, and the coefficient of expansion of base material is very big, may produce displacement or vibration may, wasn't on the stone and cement, and offers the acetate type ceramic tile adhesive coated glass, metal, and some corrosive inorganic material, so, decorating what sticks ceramic tile glue? Then according to ceramic tile material to choose decoration. In addition, the ceramic tile with decorate the glue? Also look at what is wood and ceramic tile glue stick? Or ceramic tile to stick with what glue line that play a base, or ceramic tile with what Mr Matsuzaka with glue? Or ceramic tile to stick the line that play a base with what glue? Or in the plaster on ceramic tile adhesive? Only we know what is plasterboard sticks ceramic tile with glue? Ceramic tile or wood with what kind of glue, we can be targeted to choose decorate what sticks ceramic tile adhesive of problem. Read this article recommended: how to use the glue sticks ceramic tile ceramic tile
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