Wood grain brick is about how to choose good?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-06-10
1, texture repeat as little as possible, because the world is not completely the same two leaf, choose good wood grain brick products is to choose repeat face less as far as possible, avoid to be true, wood grain brick choice is a few pieces are not repeat, that the effect of the shop is stuck up better more real. 2, different wood grain brick. When the choose and buy this kind of product, the design of the product are whether good, affects the shop is stuck effects are satisfied. Wood grain brick is based on the nature of the product, need higher specimens with the designer's transformation. 3, ceramic tile of advanced digital ink-jet printing technology in the introduction of the domestic equipment that is this 2, 3 years, and able to skillfully use of the enterprise is not much. Technical proficiency directly affects the effect of the product. 4, wood grain brick not only need to see, still need to touch. Good quality wood grain surface of surface has concave and convex texture of log, eye ring, wood texture details such as play. 5, home is a warm harbor in the world, the family all will affect the mood, to buy back the product quality must be good to reduce unnecessary trouble, after not covet petty gain then cause big trouble later. Large area laying on the ground to build natural feeling of wood grain tile, when buying, need to consult the sales staff, to understand its physical performance: such as the specification is complete, the straightness bibulous rate is higher than the general standard, wear-resisting coefficient, coefficient of anti-slip coefficient, anti-fouling did not meet the national standards. 6, customer want to home decorates the effect of an accident. So before buying, can reference other decorate effect more, see the effect, so to oneself the home decoration is also a good reference. So, want to choose to good quality, finished wood grain brick products, with good effect can be first how many remote viewing product surface is not repeated, close-up view design is special, reoccupy hand to touch the surface of the wood grain brick texture is comfortable feeling, it is important to communicate with sales staff in the process of the choose and buy, many problem such as comparison, look at other people's house has been decorated decorate rendering, you can have a comfortable loosen natural space. Or directly to Overland and have a look, and you won't want to go to the second.
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