Wood grain brick pavement three skills

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-17
As a niche category of ceramic tile, wood grain brick in the building materials market appears longer. As consumers pay more and more attention to environmental protection household, wood grain brick is more and more get the attention of domestic outfit consumer. At the same time, the production technology of wood grain brick itself is in constant improve, it more and more realistic wood grain texture imitation. This earned it more domestic outfit consumer recognition and favor. However, wood grain brick to the shop is stuck effect is outstanding is not easy. Despite the construction difficulty and the problem of high labor costs, from design and color match to the design of the wood grain brick, all need designer or the owners spend a state of mind, otherwise easy to fall into the trap and mould. So, how do wood grain brick collocation, which can be applied when the choose and buy of skills? Tie-in skill of choose and buy one: try to avoid too much repetition here to avoid repetition, is refers to the collocation of choose and buy when, should pay attention to try not to choose design and color texture repeat too much wood grain brick. Because natural native solid wood, it is not be exactly the same two pieces of wood texture. So, the design and color of the same kind of wood grain brick style, the more the more realistically imitate the texture effect of real wood floor. Tie-in skill of choose and buy 2: considering the actual effect of the shop is stuck, like we buy clothes in our life: look beautiful clothes hung in the window, the try on when it was not for you. In the same way, we are in the selection of wood grain brick, if only watch shop a few ceramic tile samples, actually very ugly out after the shop is stuck in our home is what kind of effect. Store clothes can try it on, but it can not test tile shop sticks. However, may require the designer or stores according to the home of the family and style, the ceramic tile brick after rendering. So for wood grain brick of the final effect of the shop is stuck, can also have a certain security. Tie-in skill of choose and buy 3: beautiful also should take practical and most owners hope home decoration can be more perfect than other people's house, more creative and design sense, closer to your ideal home. But, the choose and buy wood grain brick not only good-looking, and neglected the practicability. Because some manufacturer to closer to the real wood texture, will it also with the surface of the wood grain brick AoTuGan. This wood grain brick of the actual effect of the shop is stuck is indeed very beautiful, just when the shop is stuck a lot of owner are very satisfied, but check in only to find that after a period of time, it is easy to accumulate dust, dirt, and not easy to clean. In short, as long as can match, good choice, wood grain brick can bring surprise adornment effect. However, in order to avoid trouble, when the choose and buy also want to consider practical.
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