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by:Overland ceramics     2020-09-09
Ceramic tile style is various, the kinds of wood grain brick is one of them. Will you be in a lot of people in the shop to see the wood grain brick in the kitchen, toilet to use super beauty again? Actually otherwise, a lot of people like the wood grain brick? Many people may choose the wrong. Wood grain brick a lot of people like the wood grain brick? 1, indeed, the advantages of wood grain brick can not be ignored. - Waterproof and fire - Wear-resisting corrosion - resistant Yi qing long life these are all its advantages, also can be said to be perfect to make up for the shortage of the wood floor, also lead to hidden faults, a lot of people buy home excitedly, wait to implement to want to cry. Wood grain tile shape and decorative pattern is special because it is over, and the shop is stuck, etc, the choose and buy is different from ordinary ceramic tile, if you don't pay attention to these, when buying construction finally pan himself back & hellip; … 2, when the choose and buy the defects: pattern size + price + 1) Pattern: as technology advances, the surface of the wood grain brick imitation wood grain road, decorative pattern is concave and convex texture, even the tactility can do. Defects when the choose and buy the length and the shop is stuck way really like wood but parody is after release, wooden grain brick total feel bad something. When the choose and buy the heart defects of grain processing natural lifelike also good, meet less with your heart, the repeated use of a similar pattern, alone together can't see anything, once the large area of the shop is stuck, the oncoming embarrassing & hellip; … When the choose and buy the defects if it is deliberately do figure using repeated lines nothing, but ordinary shop is stuck, emmm, pardon me & hellip; … Take leave. So when the choose and buy wood grain brick texture repeat as little as possible, if you want to achieve natural look and feel of the wooden floor, at least 20 + in different patterns of brick, high-end products of different decorative pattern color will more more, of course the price also will be more expensive. 2) Size: in order to imitate the wooden floor, the size of the wood grain tile is compared commonly special, 150 * 600 mm, 150 * 900 mm, 200 * 1200 mm are rarely seen in ordinary ceramic tile on this size. When the choose and buy the most common defects of 150 * 600 mm, but the & other; Common throughout the &; More is as recommended by the foreman more & hellip; … 150 * 600 mm wood grain brick after the shop is stuck actually effect is not very good, single block are ok, but spread the whole feels too short. When the choose and buy the defects and the effect is good point of 150 * 900 mm for construction difficulty bigger, often foreman does not take the initiative to recommend, but if you can't find qualified bricklayer's teacher, still had better to choose a little short, at least I can lay good short, long even spread bad shop & hellip; … 3) Price: as for the price, but brick itself, though it's more expensive than ordinary ceramic tile slightly, but really cheaper than wood, but & hellip; … Artificial expensive! : $70 per square labor and beautiful seam, compared to ordinary ceramic tile direct more than doubled! And even the price you are willing to give, also not necessarily can have the master bricklayer's willingness to meet & hellip; … 3, when the shop is stuck defects: flatness + empty drum, bibulous rate + beautiful seam 1) Smoothness: since when it comes to artificial expensive, we say why so expensive! Wood grain brick size long and thin, is not the same square aspect, fire itself is prone to errors in the process, when combined with the construction of pure by artificial control, long length, but the width is very narrow, compared with the ordinary large tile, brick number in the same area, the error is inevitable. Error + = far, almost can't look. And width of crack will not only have error, even will have error, error control on construction of teacher's experience, all is really the plastering cement mortar, the piece is much, although have auxiliary instrument, can sometimes error or large even in guiding rule & hellip; … When the shop is stuck defects as above, the shop is stuck in the wood grain brick 2 meters of flatness error has reached 4 mm, qualified general inspection standard is under 2 mm. When the shop is stuck defects 2) Empty drum, and then cement uneven is the result of the empty drum. Wood grain brick of the strip shape, basic empty drum phenomenon is inevitable, if dozens of square meters wood grain brick only three two empty drum, the master bricklayer's craft is quite good.
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