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Naturality: Wood is a kind of natural material. Among the four main tiles  of stone tile, wood tile, cement tile and marble tile, only the wood tile is directly taken from nature. Therefore, wood has the characteristics of low production cost, low energy consumption, non-toxicity and pollution-free. Wood can regulate temperature and humidity, and has good environmental characteristics. High ratio of strength to weight: The ratio of strength to weight of wood is larger than that of metal, that is, wood is light and strong. Wood is easy to process. Tenon-tenon bonding, nail bonding and cementing are common among wood products, and various metal joints can also be processed by bending and compression after cooking. Wood is flammable, perishable, insect-resistant, dry shrinkage, wet swelling and so on.

Decoration: Wood itself has natural beautiful patterns. As furniture and decorative materials, it has good fire resistance than steel in architectural applications (contrary to many people's common sense). Many ancient wooden buildings are only charred after fire, but still stand firm, while the strength of the internal structure is still very high; on the contrary, many reinforced concrete buildings are built. After the fire was built, the building collapsed and was seriously damaged because the reinforcing bars were burned and soft.

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