You have your Zhang Liangji, I have my wall ladder

by:Overland ceramics     2020-05-17
These days, the Internet news sources, China's economic downward adjustment have to last three years. In 2015, 2016, these two years is difficult for two years, China's economy in the future the situation is very serious, 7% GDP growth is not the end, will be below 7%. But you have your Zhang Liangji, I have my wall ladder. Not too concerned about before. Starting in 2013, at the end of 2013, circulated on the Internet will be the boss difficult year in 2014, or to replace the 'boss' with 'traditional industry' 'so-and-so industry', etc. ; At the end of 2014, the same title and circulated for a while, just change the year to the next year. Every day in the circle of friends from 03 start scampering. These headings up is let a person see the difficult next year, and expectations for the year after next. But wrong, to express it, is 'next year is a tough year ever', but look down for several years in the future will only become more and more difficult. Regardless of the situation, take a look at our ceramic industry business is become more and more difficult. Other aside, poor sales situation in the second half of last year, ceramic enterprises to production to recover sooner than usual this year to digest inventory, that's for sure. But business difficult to do not represent don't have to do, and this time, the more the more challenging. As an example: many home longan and sometimes the economy is not a few cents a kilo is not sell, some college students to help them do charity, effect is limited, then directly some trees are cut down some kind of other varieties. But it is hard to sell. Is not business didn't have to do is just to get it right. Year again longan season, there is a group of college students through online stores, WeChat to sell, but business is very good and high prices. They just spend more effort, multi-purpose some brains. For example to pick longan with custom box installed, the number is well designed, can make a presentation, with a small story to promote. And send out the goods will be hand write a letter to the customer and also those college students selected writing paper, I have seen those letters, the writing is quite good. So put those not sell longan, never leave home sold to all parts of the country. It's not how good longan, only through human sell a kind of feelings, sell a kind of fun, play is the milk of human kindness. Haven't seen face is online, but let people feel the deal with oneself is living, but not doing business with the machine. The Internet age, the consumer is savvy and fewer and fewer people are willing to pay for the channel. But the spiritual demand is more and more intense, the resulting is willing to pay for the service, pay for the culture and the feelings of people. Now society is brain age. Want to make business win customers have to turn head to just go, before the hard work go more than rivals. More products are better than others, but also on the marketing play fresh than others. Summary of so many, in fact is: the future is a bit serious, but the tile business can still, because you have your Zhang Liangji, I have my wall ladder.
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