You know what kitchen choose ceramic tile of the secret?

by:Overland ceramics     2020-04-30
Ceramic tile has become the main kitchen floor and metope adornment material, directly affect the level of appearance and practical function in the kitchen. Ceramic tile design and color is rich, can and different decorate a style to match; Surface smooth, glossy, show class; Wear resistance corrosion, waterproof moisture-proof, easy cleaning and maintenance. So, most owners choose to use ceramic tile to decorate the kitchen. So, decorated in the kitchen when ceramic tile of choose and buy, should how to choose, what are the factors must be considered? Kitchen brick has lampblack heavy require for function, water vapor, home appliance is the unique environment characteristics in the kitchen. It also determines when choosing the kitchen ceramic tile, on its practical performance and quality request is higher, need comprehensive consideration moistureproof and waterproof, corrosion resistant, resistant to dirty properties such as wear resistance, easy to clean. If you don't choose the right, after be being entered affect beautiful, and clean sanitation is not convenient, these are the little things. If empty drum peeling phenomenon, because of all kinds of water and electricity line pipe has been rolling out the, more trouble to repair, may also affect family daily life. The area of the brick to the specification requirements kitchen size usually don't take up too much space in the home, the size of ceramic tile should also be different from the sitting room, bedroom. Although the specification of ceramic tile can reduce the gap, easy cleaning, and also can reduce pavement construction is difficult; But in the little room for use in the kitchen, but space can appear smaller. So, usually, the ceramic tile of medium and small size is more suitable for use in the kitchen, on the specification is given priority to with less than 800 ㎜ ceramic tile products. The kitchen brick has good colour collocation, require for design and color to enhance household space. As already mentioned the area of the kitchen is not too big, so in the choice of ceramic tile, prefer to able to extend the space of design and color. As we all know, wear dark clothes can show thin, chubby figure is not suitable for pure white clothes. In fact, brunet department also can appear the kitchen small ceramic tile, while a light color or white ceramic tile can build the kitchen bigger effect. When ceramic tile of choose and buy some owner didn't pay attention to, as a result, the kitchen ceramic tile with brunet department of archaize brick, brick good found that looks & other Dirty and old & throughout; , after be being entered always feel regret chagrin. The owners, of course, also it is important to note that although the pure white ceramic tile can maximize expand the space effect, but is really not to bear or endure dirty, to think twice before placing orders. “ Wall brick is smooth, to prevent slippery floor tile & throughout; Is the basic principle of kitchen ceramic tile. In addition, the kitchen is the place that cook cook, try to choose and lively bright color ceramic tile, can cook, bring a good mood.
need huge investment, so it is important to shop with caution.
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