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You must konw these 3 types of ceramic products

You must konw these 3 types of ceramic products


In the building materials market,the variety of different types and various names of ceramic tiles make people confused and difficult to leave memories and impressions. In fact, there are rules for the division and naming of ceramic tiles.

In general, it can be understood in two different directions: one is based on the characteristics of the production process, such as polished tiles, vitrified tiles and polished glazed tiles; the other is according to the different decorative effects, such as antique tiles, wood grain tiles, Marble tiles. Then, we start with the characteristics of the process, and discuss the differences between polished tiles, vitrified tiles and glazed tiles, and their respective advantages and disadvantages, for the reference of owners who are preparing or are choosing ceramic tile products.

How difficult is it to select tiles? These 3 types of ceramic products must be understood

Low-key practical polished tiles

The body of the polished tile is the same as the whole tile, so it has excellent hardness, load-bearing capacity and wear resistance. In addition to being used as a wall tile, it is also very suitable for use as a floor tile. At the same time, the polishing tile added a polishing process in the production process, the surface of the porcelain tile is more smooth and bright. However, some small pores are left during the polishing process. If it is used for a long time in life, it will also penetrate the stains and accumulate dust. Therefore, when selecting the polished tile, it depends on whether the surface has an anti-fouling layer. With the development, promotion and application of flower penetration technology, the original monotonous polished tiles have also added more stone-like and wood-like texture effects.

Upgrade and optimize vitrified tile

Vitrified tiles and polished tiles are similar in that they all use the body of the whole tile. The difference is that the vitrified tile is not polished, but only polished. The advantage of this is that it avoids the generation of small pores, so that it is better in antifouling and dirt resistance. Moreover, the firing temperature of vitrified tile is higher, and the pressing density is stronger, so that it can be fully porcelainized, and the surface is as clean as a mirror. Of course, the vitrified tile also has the overall effect of the whole body brick, do not worry about the deep processing will affect the decorative effect.

High-grade bright glazed polished tile

The glazed polished tile adds two glaze layers on the basis of ordinary ceramic tiles, and prints on the bottom glaze, which can flexibly design various texture patterns, and the patterns are very rich; polished on the transparent glaze can realize the surface Higher light sensitivity, and fundamentally solves the problem that the wholesale tile and polished tile are not resistant to dirt and easy to seep. As the technology and market become more and more mature, glazed polished tiles are subdivided into fully polished and semi-glazed polished tiles, matt polished polished tiles and bright polished polished tiles.

In addition, if the decoration budget is considered, in general, the market price of polished tiles is lower than vitrified tiles, and vitrified tiles are lower than polished tiles.

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