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Porcelain Tile | Stone Tile - Overland

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If you are finding top-quality porcelain tile, OVERLAND could be your ideal one to shop for your porcelain tiles. Established in 1998, OVERLAND has rich experience and has the strength to manufacture the best floor tiles and wall tiles. As the world-leading manufacturer of porcelain, OVERLAND has 2 large production bases, 7 production lines ensuring worldwide supply and fast delivery.

Supported by its own integrated design team and R & D team, the premium porcelain tile manufactured from OVERLAND is totally different from other brands' porcelain tiles. Simple neutral color, delicate texture, smooth surface are our features.

OVERLAND has various porcelain tiles for meeting various space decoration, such as indoor wall tiles, bathroom wall and floor tiles, kitchen room wall tiles, etc. In addition to porcelain tiles, we also have quartz stone worktop and stone wall tiles. Quartz stone worktop is the latest trend in kitchen design. Most families love to choose the kitchen quartz worktop, due to its natural pattern and texture. The decorative wall tiles made from stone could present people the beauty of nature with its fluent and natural pattern.