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Are White Gloss Kitchen Worktops Practical?

“Are white gloss kitchen worktops a Good Idea” is a frequently asked question among our clients. And, it is a good question. After all, from clothes and trainers to cushions, the white color often makes the stain obvious. Luckily, a stone kitchen worktop in white color works well.

Are White Gloss Kitchen Worktops Practical?

White sparkle kitchen worktop is versatile and practical. Made of quartz stone, the white quartz worktop is durable and robust. Also, with the white sparkle and smooth surface, the dirt on the white sparkle kitchen worktop is easy to remove. Then, it would keep your kitchen glowing and fresh for years.

Are Gloss Kitchens Out of Fashion In 2022?

With its bright and smooth surface, the gloss worktop is timeless. And, by the way, the house decoration trend always changes, so you don’t have to over concern about whether the gloss worktops are out of date. You can choose the one you like.

Do High Gloss Kitchen Worktops Scratch Easily?

Generally speaking, due to the light-reflecting quality, the white gloss kitchen worktops tend to show scratches more readily.

Is A Matt Or Gloss Worktop Better?

Matt and gloss are two features of the kitchen worktop surface. And, they offer families different benefits. In the following sections, the author would make a comparison between them from three perspectives.

Surface Effects

Compared with the matte kitchen worktop such as dark grey kitchen worktops, the white gloss kitchen worktop surface is able to reflect the light to make your kitchen look bigger and brighter. Then, the matte kitchen worktop doesn’t reflect the light but rather absorbs it to result in understated elegance. Then, the smooth matte surface also provides good color consistency.


Although the materials of the kitchen worktops almost determine the actual cleaning and maintenance needs, the finish indeed affects the frequency of cleaning. In this aspect, due to good light-reflecting quality, high gloss kitchen worktops tend easier hide fingerprints and smudges more than the matte surface.

Availability of Both the Finishes

High gloss kitchen worktops keep far longer than the matte finish. And this finish is easy to implement in the materials like marble, granite, and a wide range of man-made materials. On the other hand, the matte finish is relatively harder to be realized. The matted kitchen worktops don’t show on the market until a few years ago.


As above mentioned, the gloss finish is easier to implement and is reckoned as a standard option in the worktops, so the gloss worktop is relatively cheaper than a matte worktop under the same materials.  

Product Recommendation: White Quartz Worktop

white quartz worktop

This white quartz worktop has a fabulous glossy surface. Under the lighting, it would present you with a good and soft light reflection and make your kitchen looks wonderful. With the slight and delicate pattern, it also seems like a masterpiece created by nature.

Product Recommendation: White Gloss Kitchen Worktops

white gloss kitchen worktops

This art stone series of white gloss kitchen worktops is not a white blank kitchen worktop but rather a white gloss kitchen worktop with water vein patterns. The white gloss kitchen worktops are clean easily, and resistant to the rigors of the most demanding of kitchen environments.

Last Thought

All in all, white gloss kitchen worktops are classic and timeless kitchen work surfaces. With its glorious surface and practical features, it could be the good house furniture in your kitchen.
If you want to add high gloss kitchen worktops or matte kitchen worktops to your kitchen, please feel free to get in touch with Overland, one of the trusted kitchen worktop manufacturers worldwide.