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Can Porcelain Tile be Used Outside?

When you are designing your garden, the application of custom floor tiles is a crucial aspect that conveys your design concept and theme. The pattern and the function of the tiles could help you implement your design concept. Of course, outdoor tiles have to withstand a lot more than indoor tiles, because they usually encounter extremes of temperature along with the action of the weather. Then, installing the wrong type of tiles may easily lead to cracking in the lied tiles. Then, what type of tiles can be used outside? In this post, the author would solve the related problems.

Benefits of Using Porcelain Tiles Outside

As a matter of fact, porcelain tiles are a perfect option to be installed outside. Here are some reasons why you can install porcelain tile flooring.
white polished porcelain floor tile

Porcelain Tile is Durable

Because of the special manufacturing process, the porcelain tile is strong and can withstand even the hardest weather conditions. Also, it also can still sustain its features under the pressure of heavy furniture and busy foot traffic.

Porcelain Tile is Low Maintenance

Except for its excellent durability, it also requires low maintenance. First, different from concrete pavers, the porcelain tile would not effloresce. In other words, after long-time use, it would not produce a whitish buildup which is difficult to remove. Second, with the intense structure, it is easy to clean. A simple rinse with a hose can make it clean.

Porcelain Tile is Impervious

The porcelain tile has an intense internal structure and leaves no space for particles and others, so it is resistant to staining as well as moss and mold growth.
grey porcelain tile
Grey Porcelain Tile

Porcelain Tile is Easy to Install

The porcelain tile can be shaped into specific dimensions to fit together. Therefore, it is easy to be installed in any style of base.

Porcelain Tile is Beautiful

The porcelain tile has a unique beauty that could improve your garden. Grey porcelain tile/white porcelain floor tile could help you create a classic and elegant look. Also, the installation of the floor polished porcelain floor tiles can make the consistency of decoration indoors and outdoors. The porcelain tile is that it can be continued from indoors to out.

Porcelain Tile is Slip Resistant

In the porcelain tile market, a variety of surface finishes are available in the porcelain tile ranging from smooth to matte. Then, matt porcelain tiles are a good option for areas that have frequent contact with water, like the swimming pool. The matte finish can provide the passerby with a certain level of slip resistance.
matt porcelain tiles
Matt Porcelain Tiles

Can Ceramic Tile be Used Outside

Yes! The ceramic tile design also fits indoor and outdoor use. When it comes to the installation of ceramic tile outdoor, you need to pay attention to the PEI (Porcelain Enamel Institute) rating. If you want to install gray ceramic tile in outdoors, it should have a high PEI rating.

Can Cement Tile be Used Outside

The cement tile is beautiful, durable, and slip-resistant. Also, compared with other materials, cement tile is relatively affordable. Therefore, it also is a good option for indoor and outdoor spaces. Such an affordable cement tile may present a rustic style to your outdoors. Therefore, before choosing outdoor cement tiles, you had better determine which style of your garden is.

Does Porcelain Tile Get Hot In the Sun?

Due to the intense structure, it tends to get hotter than concrete pavers or natural stone in the sun. Therefore, when planning to install porcelain tiles in an area that gets a lot of direct sunlight, you had better choose lighter color tile like silver porcelain tile, pietra grey porcelain tile, white porcelain tile, etc to prevent burning your feet.


Although many types of tiles can be used outdoors, porcelain tile flooring is the best option for outdoors. The porcelain tile has multiple benefits for your house. Then, if you haven't determined which materials of tiles are for your outdoor areas, you can consult Overland. Overland is one of the leading tile suppliers in China and can help its clients design their outdoor areas with many types of tiles.