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Complete Guide to High Gloss Worktop

When it comes to the selection of the best kitchen worktops, you may are getting flooded with many finishes of the kitchen worktop. You may be in hesitation whether the high gloss worktop is worth it. This post would solve a series of frequently asked questions about high glossy kitchen worktops.

Is A Matt or Gloss Worktop Better?

Looking through the market, the high gloss worktop tends to be more popular among the customer due to its light-reflecting quality。 Different from the matte finishes, the gloss surface can reflect the light to make the kitchen look larger and brighter. Therefore, gloss worktop is a preference for small-size kitchens. However, matt worktops will not show up any stains, smudges, or fingerprints as much as white gloss kitchen worktops. Therefore, both of them perform different benefits and we can not simply claim which is better.

Do White Gloss Worktops Stain?

Yes, due to the blank white color, the white gloss worktops tend to get stained.

Do Gloss Worktops Scratch Easily?

The sparkle laminate worktop with high reflection is easier to perform scratches than the textured laminate worktops because the reflective surface makes people easier to pay attention to the scratch.

White Gloss Kitchen Worktop

Do White Gloss Kitchen Worktops Go Yellow?

All white house furniture would be prone to turn yellow over time when they don't get well maintenance and be exposed to high amounts of direct sunlight. The white gloss kitchens are not an exception.

Is High Gloss Worktop Worth it?

Absolutely Yes! The high gloss worktop is the ideal option for a small-sized kitchen. Furthermore, the high gloss black kitchen worktops and white gloss kitchen worktops are the classic and modern options in the house decoration projects. In the following part, allow the author to show the beauty of the high glossy worktop.
high gloss kitchen worktops
High Gloss Kitchen Worktops


All in all, the high gloss worktop is still a classic option for house decoration. The high gloss surface performs the beauty of the stone and makes the kitchen look brighter and look larger. If you are looking for worktops for your kitchen, you could take it into your consideration.

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