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Everything about Quartz Kitchen Worktops

Looking through the market of kitchen tops, a variety of materials are flooding the market which makes it hard to determine whether you can use the kitchen quartz worktop. In this post, Overland, one of the kitchen worktop manufacturers in China, would solve a series of problems with kitchen tops.

Is Quartz A Good Kitchen Worktop?

You may hesitate in the choice of kitchen countertops when you encounter quartz worktops prices. As a matter of fact, the pros of quartz kitchen worktops outweigh the cons. The quartz kitchen worktops are highly durable, antifungal, stain-resistant, and low maintenance. Furthermore, they come in modern and natural designs, so they can fit any style of the house.
best quartz countertops
Best Quartz Countertops

What Color Countertop is Timeless?

grey quartz worktop is the classic and timeless option for all style of kitchen. Compared with the white quartz worktop, its splashed and unpolished nature feature can naturally be splendid with indoor decoration. 
white kitchen worktops
White Kitchen Worktops

Is Quartz Better than Laminate?

Although quartz worktops are a little expensive, they are more durable than granite laminate worktops. And, if you have a limited budget, laminate kitchen worktops are still a good option. It not only is a budget-friendly choice but also could meet your basic needs. 

Is Quartz Better than Granite?

The quartz kitchen top is harder than granite and more durable than the granite worktop. The quartz material is nearly indestructible because it has a more compact internal structure. Because of it, it also makes quartz kitchen top keep relatively bacteria-free. However, you can not put the hot cooking pans on the surface to avoid damage to the surface.

Is Quartz Better than Marble?

Quartz and marble both are the most popular option for kitchen surfaces. And, most house owners want to add a natural element to the house. In this section, the author would make a comparison between them in the following content.
grey worktops
Grey Worktops


Marble kitchen worktops are made of natural stone that has been applied as a building material for thousands of years. Then quartz kitchen worktops are made of a mixture of quartz powder, resin, and pigments. Quartz powder means the powder of quartzite (a naturally occurring stone).


Marble kitchen worktops have natural and unique veining that runs through the surface because the marble is the product of the geological processes. Then, quartz is a product made by humans. Also, the quartz countertops' colors for kitchens are various that fit various interior styles.


The marble is strong and resistant to heat because it is a natural rock. And, the marble is porous which is easy to stain. Then, the quartz is strong and not easy to crack. With the compact structure, it doesn't stain and needs to be sealed.


Although the quartz kitchen worktops prices may be relatively high, they are worth it. From a comprehensive perspective and a list of comparisons, quartz kitchen worktops tend to have a good combination of durability, aesthetic, and function.