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Is There A Difference Between Floor And Wall Tile?

Since its invention, porcelain wall tiles and floor tiles have always been used as cover for both floorings and walls. They not only could decorate the house but also could protect the house in a certain. A variety of porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles flood the tiles markets. Most people also have confusion that what is the difference between porcelain tile flooring and porcelain wall tiles. And how to rightly use them? Fortunately, this post would solve the above problems.

Is There A Difference Between Floor and Wall Tile?

The main differences between porcelain wall tiles and floor tiles are their ratings for slipperiness and hardness. In this section, the author would illustrate the differences between them.
stone look wall tiles
Stone Look Wall Tiles

Slipperiness: Porcelain Wall Tiles VS Floor Tiles

Talking about slipperiness, The COF(Coefficient of Friction) is an important topic. This rating standard is used to help manufacturers determine which type of tile goes on walls or flooring. Furthermore, floor tiles are required to have a certain level of friction for passersby to be safe to walk on. Therefore, each standard ceramic tile or porcelain tile has a certain COF rating.

Then, as long as the tile including glazed tile flooring has a COF rating of 0.50 or greater, the floor tiles can be regarded as interior design tile. The outdoor floor tiles are required to have a higher COF rating. Compared to the high rating of floor tiles, the indoor wall tiles and outdoor wall tiles can have any level of COF (coefficient of friction).

Hardness: Porcelain Wall Tiles VS Floor Tiles

The porcelain wall tiles usually are thinner than the floor tiles and tend to be easier to cut with simple score-and-snap cutters. And, the floor tiles are slightly more difficult to cut than wall tiles, because they are thick tiles. Using the power wet-saw is a useful method to cut the thick floor tiles.

Water and Heat Resistance: Porcelain Wall Tiles VS Floor Tiles

In the water resistance, the ceramic and porcelain wall tiles have the same good resistance to water as do floor tiles. But, due to the thick thickness, the porcelain floor tile kitchen may make better performance than the wall tiles. As for the wall tiles, when comes to the kitchen top worktops applications, they may be a little less resistant to the heat of hot skillets and pans.
grey kitchen floor tiles
Grey Kitchen Floor Tiles

Lifespan: porcelain wall tiles VS Floor Tiles

Both porcelain wall tiles and floor tiles have a long lifespan. Generally, the well-installed and well-maintained porcelain wall tiles and ceramic wall tiles can last 75 years or more. But, if the decorative wall tiles are wrongly installed in a floor application, they could crack easily and relatively quickly.

Can You Use The Same Tile on the Floor And Walls?

Yes, you can use the same tile both on the floor and walls. It would create a unique style for your house. Currently, grey floor and wall tiles are one of the most popular options in house decoration. And, you may wonder what is the wall and floor tiles. The wall and floor tiles are a kind of tiles that can be installed on the floor and wall.

What Kind of Tile Makes A Bathroom Look Bigger?

Using large bathroom tiles with plain color is the best option to make a bathroom look larger because the large size bathroom tiles create fewer dividing lines between the tiles, and the plain color makes the cleaner, less cluttered look.
white bathroom floor tile
White Bathroom Floor Tile

Can You Use Wall Tile on the Floor?

No, you can not use the wall tile on the floor, because the porcelain wall tiles are thinner than floor tiles and easy to crack for the heavy foot traffic.


According to the above sections, it is concluded that we can identify the application of porcelain tiles according to the product marking tag and rightly use the porcelain wall tiles and porcelain tile flooring. If you are still confused about the use of porcelain tiles, you can try to purchase wall and floor tiles.

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