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Matt Tile: Something You Need To Know

If you are planning on decorating your kitchen or bathroom with matt tiles, you need to fully read this post to get a further understanding of the matt tiles. It is because the matt tiles are not joker tiles for every space. This post would cover the frequently asked questions about matt porcelain tiles.

Are Matt Tiles Suitable for Bathroom?

Yes, they are! The matt tiles are a perfect option for the large bathroom and those with exceptional lighting design. The low gloss would not make the space look compact. Also, compared with the white gloss floor tiles, the matt floor tiles don’t reflect the lighting, which would not hurt your eye sights.

Are Matt Tiles Suitable for Kitchen?

If you need some tiles to make your kitchen look larger, matt tiles are not your ideal choice. It is because the matt floor tiles lack the ability of lighting reflection. But if you want to find the tiles for anti-slippery, the matt porcelain tiles are the right tiles for your kitchen.


Are Matt Bathroom Tiles Easy to Clean?

Although the matt wall tiles are the ideal option for the bathroom, it still has a drawback----not easy to clean. The delicate and mildly uneven surface makes the tiles reflect less light and don’t show up water stain and smudges as much as gloss finish tiles. But this surface also leads to the tiles being good at hiding the dirty stains, spots, smudges, and marks of dried water droplets. This hiding would make you have to clean harder.
Matt Bathroom Tile
Matt Bathroom Tile

How to Clean Matt Tiles?

As above mentioned, it is a hard job to clean the matt tiles. How can I handle this tricky job? Ideally, a cup of vinegar and a little dish soap to about 4 liters of water could perfectly solve this trick. From there, use a stiff brush to scrub the tiles, rinse the area with water, and then wipe it down with a lint-free cloth for a good finish. If you worry about there is mold or mildew might in your room, you could pour some vinegar lie on the tiles for a while to kill off any mold. In order to get rid of the pungent vinegar smell, moisten a cloth with water and wipe the surface down after an hour or so.

Are Matt Tiles OK for Showers?

The Matt tiles are ok for the shower areas. Although the matt tiles can not provide a bright and shiny appeal as the white gloss floor tiles do, they have better traction than gloss. For the shower areas, the high traffic spaces that are in frequent contact with water, they would benefit from the high “anti-slip” reputation of the matt bathroom tiles.
matt porcelain tiles
Matt Grey Floor Tiles

Which Better? Matt or Gloss?

It depends on the place they are planning to install. If you want to install a kind of tiles to prevent the slippery accident, the matt grey floor tiles are better than glossy tiles. If you are finding a kind of tiles that could let your worktop fancier, the high gloss kitchen worktops would be the winner.


All in all, the matt porcelain tiles featured with the anti-slipping, can be installed in the bathroom, kitchen, and other high traffic spaces that are frequently in contact with water. Overland is one of the world’s trusted wholesale tile suppliers, providing top-quality matt tiles. Let’s explore our website to find your new favorite matt tile!