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Quartz Worktops Colours

There’s no denying that kitchen top becomes the most popular design concept in the kitchen. The kitchen top is not only a worktop but also a place for family activities. When you are designing or renovating your kitchen, you may find that choosing quartz worktops colours is a technical job.

What Are the Most Popular Quartz Worktops Colours?

Off-white and gray colors are the two most popular colors in the qauartz worktops today. The off-with quartz worktops are one of the modern kitchen worktops, presenting the delicate texture of the quartz stone. Then, the dark grey kitchen worktops are the most modest luxury one and are never out of date.

Dark Grey Kitchen Worktops

How to Choose the Right Quartz Worktops Colour?

3 Things you need to pay attention to when you are selecting the quartz worktop. First, you can identify the undertones in your room such as the color of the cabinets, the paint or wallpaper colors on your walls, etc. Then according to these colors and your personal color preference, you can choose complementary colors (such as light white cabinets with dark grey kitchen worktops) or tone-on-tone, which keeps the colors matched. Second, you need to consider the finishes treatment. The finish treatment in the worktops is the other method to present the color. The matte would let the quartz worktops' colour is relatively dull and the glossy treatment makes the color brighter. Third, if you still hard to determine the quartz worktops' colour, you could choose neutral colors. The neutrals like beiges, grays, off-whites, and bright whites are the universal color to splendid with any style of house design.
white kitchen worktops
White Kitchen Worktops

Should the Countertop be Lighter or Darker Than the Floor?

As a matter of fact, there are no concrete rules in kitchen design. And, the color contrast between the kitchen surface and kitchen floor tiles design is one of the common options in modern house design. If you want to have a traditional, homely feel in your kitchen, you could choose another warm-color-tone kitchen design.

What Colour Countertop Shows the Least Dirt?

To find the best kitchen worktops that show the least dirt, crumbs, or other kitchen remnants as easily, dark countertops (eg. black kitchen worktops and dark grey kitchen worktops) are the way to go. The black kitchen worktop with patterns and textures are easy to hide messes and scratches.
black kitchen worktops
Black Kitchen Worktops

Should the Countertop be Lighter or Darker Than the Cabinets?

The darker countertop like grey kitchen worktops would help you work well in the kitchen because the color contrast between light color kitchen cabinets and dark color kitchen worktops would let you find the kitchen items easier.

What Colour Countertop is Timeless?

Gray. Grey quartz countertops are the most classic and timeless option in the kitchen. With the splashed and unpolished nature, they also can be the best option for a rustic style and any modern style kitchen.


After reading this post, you can find that choosing quartz worktops colours is easy. And, the kitchen quartz worktop in neutral colors could fit all styles of your kitchen. Then, Overland offers a wide range of kitchen quartz worktop in neutral colors which a touch of class and elegance to your kitchen. The kitchen worktop prices are also affordable.