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The Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Doctors Association conducted an in-depth inspection of Owenley

The Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Doctors Association conducted an in-depth inspection of OVERLAND, and made every effort to promote corporate innovation

On March 15, 2021, Dr. Liang Li, President of the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Doctoral Association, and Ms. Luo Nan, Director of the Domestic Research and Development Department, led the team to conduct investigations and investigations in OVERLAND, and at the same time discussed strategic cooperation in technological innovation with the top management of OVERLAND.

Accompanied by OVERLAND Chairman Liang Weihong, Executive President Wang Jiawu, Supervisor Chen Hui, Supply Chain Center Director He Jianbin, and Brand Marketing Center General Manager Li Liang Xueqing, the team of the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Doctoral Association visited the exhibition hall and production, education and research base of OVERLAND Headquarters. Learn more about the company's scientific and technological talents, technological innovation, digital ceramics, core technology, international brand development, intellectual property protection, etc.
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The Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Doctors Associati

The Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Doctors Association fully promotes technological innovation in the Greater Bay Area

It is understood that since the establishment of the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Doctoral Association in 2017, it has established five professional committees including information technology and finance. The members include doctors from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, academicians of the University of Hong Kong, professors from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong Polytechnic University and other universities, and Professionals in Hong Kong's finance, real estate, scientific research, business, education, etc. Has a strong scientific research force and a large number of scientific research results.

The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is a strategic center for national economic development. In recent years, the country has vigorously promoted the integration of high-quality enterprises in the location to scale, high-end, and technological direction. The Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Doctoral Association is gradually becoming an important technical support force for the development of the Greater Bay Area. The members of the association have a large number of advanced research results, which are of far-reaching significance to promote the development of high-end enterprises. In recent years, the association has adhered to the form of non-governmental exchanges and cooperation, and established production, learning, and research bases in the Greater Bay Area with leading companies in various industries to promote technological projects Landing transformation will transform science and technology into productive forces and serve as a bridge to strengthen scientific research development and economic and trade exchanges between the mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

▽OVERLAND Chairman Liang Weihong, supervisor Chen Hui and others introduced the Owenlai brand and plain ceramic tile products to the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Doctors Association.
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Irving’s corporate innovation capability has attracted much attention

OVERLAND has always been well-known in the industry for product innovation. Through its own team, it has made innovation breakthroughs from different dimensions such as design, research and development, and manufacturing. Over the years, it has obtained dozens of national patents, and its technological level is at the forefront of the world, leading the Chinese ceramic industry. Progress and development. At the same time, OVERLAND has established a number of research and innovation institutions such as the ceramic tile touch laboratory and the International Product Research Institute. The strong innovation ability is reflected in the continuous breakthroughs in products, and iterative technology new products are released every year.

"Serving customers' new needs with source technology innovation" is OVERLAND's corporate philosophy, which emphasizes building system innovation capabilities from the bottom of product technology, achieving innovation breakthroughs from the source of technology, and serving customers' ever-increasing quality needs.

▽ Visit the 2021 new product appreciation area
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As the leading brand of modern brick category, OVERLAND, plain tiles have always been the core highlight of Owenlai. Whether it is texture, color or professional level, it is currently in the leading brand lineup. The symbolic new products created by focusing on resources each year will also form a memory point of the latest height of the product system. Each new product is an industry explosion.

It is OVERLAND’s 22 years of investment and development in the industry that has attracted the attention of the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Doctoral Association. Chairman Liang Li spoke highly of OVERLAND’s innovative spirit and highly recognized OVERLAND’s investment and efforts in product technology research and development. , And have high hopes for promoting the strong cooperation between the Association and OVERLAND in the field of technological innovation in the future.

The Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Doctoral Association is expected to help OVERLAND's technological innovation in the future
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In order to promote the rapid improvement of the core construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and achieve the purpose of strengthening scientific research and development, the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Doctoral Association will consider setting up a technical research institution in Irving Technological research results are realized in OVERLAND. This cooperation concept will greatly help promote the docking, exchanges and interactions between the Bay Area and Hong Kong and Macau. It will also help promote technological innovation in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and promote the development of high-tech industry, academia, and research. It can drive the comprehensive advancement of OVERLAND's innovation ability.
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Chairman Dr. Liang Li and other experts share years of research experience

The investigation and exchange of the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Association team in OVERLAND has repeatedly sparked thoughts, and Chairman Liang Li shared his years of research experience. Chairman Liang Li believes that the world today is undergoing major changes unseen in a century. The competition among major powers around the commanding heights of science and technology is unprecedentedly fierce. China’s economic and social development and improvement of people’s livelihoods require more scientific and technological solutions than ever before, and they all need to be strengthened. Innovation is the first driving force. Only by deeply grasping the internal logic of the new development concept and the universal law of development in the contemporary world can we more consciously adhere to the core position of innovation and realize innovation-led development. It is precisely with this innovative spirit of "ten years to sharpen a sword" in basic research "first one kilometer" intensive cultivation, and only then emerge the "Nine Chapters" quantum computing prototype, "Chang'e Steel", "Proton Knife", and "Quantum Microscope" A series of major original innovations, such as the "Mozi" experimental satellite, have achieved and lead in more fields.

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Chairman Liang Weihong deeply reviewed every major progress and leaps in the development of OVERLAND since the establishment of the company in 1999, leaving a deep mark of innovation. He believes: "Whether it can achieve overtaking in corners and leapfrog development during the period of opportunity depends on whether it can make good use of the ‘key variable’ of technological innovation."

Director Luo Nan shared: "Science and technology are the primary productive forces, facing the main economic battlefield. The key is to grasp the "last mile" of the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements, and promote the deep integration of technological innovation and industrial development, especially the development of the real economy. The flower of science and technology is the fruit of today’s industry, and today’s technology layout is tomorrow’s industry pattern."

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Chairman Liang Li (pictured left) and Chairman Liang Weihong (pictured right) had an in-depth conversation

Facing a future innovative society, only by continuously insisting on technological investment and innovation can we lead the industry. It can be expected that the cooperation between OVERLAND and the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Doctoral Association will greatly promote the process of transformation of technological achievements.
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