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What Is the Size of Bathroom Tiles

Choosing the right size of bathroom tiles for your bathroom is probably the design aspect that has the most impact on the overall look. Not to mention, the wrong selection could lead to a very expensive error.
In this post, the author would answer all problems about the parameter of the bathroom tile designs to help you find the correct bathroom wall and floor tiles. Yet nothing about bathroom tile sizing is written in stone. The following content just is the references. You could take try the different tile sizes to see what looks best to your eye.
matt bathroom tiles
Matt Bathroom Tiles

What Is the Size of the Bathroom Tiles on the Bathroom Wall?

6×8 and 8×10 wall tile sizes are commonly used in bathroom installations these days. Then, the 12×12 and 12×24 wall and floor tiles also become popular sizes. As a matter of fact, you should select the bathroom ceramic wall tile according to the size of your bathroom. Here is a chart to present which size of bathroom tiles for your bathroom wall?
Area Tile Size
Small Walk-In Shower Wall 1 – 4 inch square tiles (3cm – 10cm)
Small Bathroom Wall Large or medium format tiles,
or tiles with 2:1 ratio sizing
Small Bathroom Tub Surround Designer's Choice
Large Walk-In Shower Wall 4 – 30 inch tiles (3cm – 75cm)
Large Bathroom Wall Large format or tiles with 2:1 ratio sizing
According to the above chart, the large or medium-size tiles are available in the small bathroom, and the large-size tiles are available tile in the large bathroom. Then the porcelain wall tiles with 2:1 ratio sizing can be installed in both small and large bathrooms.
In the past, installing smaller tiles to fit into a smaller space is the main trend in the decoration industry. But, today, a new design concept is introduced----larger tiles and fewer grout lines work to visually expand smaller rooms. It is because when you use small tiles on the walls of your small bathroom, the limited space may seem more compact and cramped. If you install the large indoor wall tiles, it would visually expand the space and make your bathroom seems larger.

What Is the Size of The Bathroom Tiles for the Bathroom Floor?

In the market for bathroom tiles, there is a myriad of sizes on the bathroom floor. Therefore, it is more difficult for us to select the right size for a porcelain tile bathroom. In the following chart, the author would clearly list which size of bathroom tiles can be used in which size of the bathroom.          
Area Tile Size
Small Bathroom Floor Large format tiles 15 - 24 inches
Small Shower Floor 1 inch tiles (3cm)
Large Bathroom Floor Large-format tiles 15 inches and up
Large Bathroom Shower Floor 1 inch tiles (3cm)
In this chart, you can learn that no matter how large the bathroom shower areas are, 1-inch unglazed porcelain floor tile is highly recommended. As for the small bathroom, the 15 - 24 inches floor tiles are great. And, the large bathroom, the 15 inches and up floor tiles are great. It is okay to install the large format floor tiles in a small bathroom for the overall look to be visually appealing. However, you also need to notice not to use extremely large floor tiles in the small bathroom. If your tiles are so large that you can only fit two, for example, this will look odd and throw off the room’s balance.

How Thick Is the Bathroom Floor Tile?

Because of the function of the floor tiles, ceramic bathroom floor tiles are designed to be thicker than wall tiles. They are typically 1/2-inch to 3/4-inch thick.
marble look bathroom tiles
Marble Look Bathroom Tiles

How Thick Are Bathroom Wall Tiles?

Generally speaking, wall tiles play the role of decorative wall tiles in the bathroom. Therefore, they are lighter, smoother, and more delicate, to create an excellent picture. Bathroom tiles will usually be ¼ -½ inch (or . 64 cm–1.27 cm).

What Thickness of The Tile is Best?

It depends on the application. A good floor tile is at least 10mm thick. This will mean it has a long lifespan and is durable and suitable for heavy traffic areas. Because of the low requirement of durability in the wall, the ideal thickness of the indoor wall tiles is 6mm to 10mm in thickness.


The size of the bathroom wall and floor tiles you use is directly dependent on the available space in the bathroom and the area of the bathroom that needs tiling. And, even in small bathrooms, the large bathroom tiles still create expansive designs for you.
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