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What is Polished Rectified Porcelain Tile

When comes to choosing the porcelain tile flooring, we have to encounter many choice dilemmas in the treatment of the floor tiles, such as unglaze or glazed, rectified or non-rectified, polish or matte, etc. Fortunately, as one of the leading floor tile companies in China, Overland could post serial articles to help you solve this confusion. Today, this post would cover the topic of rectified porcelain tiles.

What is Polished Porcelain Tiles?

The polished porcelain is achieved by grinding the surface of the tile with a diamond disk. Therefore, the polished floor tiles are the type of flooring tiles with relatively plain and high polished surfaces. The polished tiles can be divided into two types: unglazed tile and unglazed tile.

What is Rectified Polished Porcelain Tile?

As its name supplies, the rectified polished porcelain tile is the polished porcelain tile get rectified. The “rectified” in this word group indicates that each tile is getting grinding and polishing treatment and become be identical, with clear and perfect edges, because there are no two polished floor tiles are the same.

The rectified treatment tiles still have drawbacks----edge chipping, because the tile suppliers usually prefer to use the equipment(laser machine) to shape the edge, which would damage the structure of the tiles.

Rectified VS Non-Rectified Tiles: Which is Better?

It depends on your preference. If you are a perfectionist and want to have white floor tiles without gaps, the rectified tiles would be your best choice. And the non-rectified tiles are a relatively affordable option for you and allow you to use decorative grouts. Here are the reasons:

●Rectified Tiles: The rectified tiles could be laid compactly, to create an almost nearly seamless surface. To make a nearly seamless look, the rectified tiles require super-thin and unsanded grout lines. You may think the sanded grout line is stronger, but this grout cannot be applied to the thin grout. 
●Non-Rectified Tiles: Compared with the rectified tiles, the non-rectified tiles have uneven edges, which makes a more natural-looking tile and offers a more traditional style of tiles. Furthermore, because they require broader grout lines, there is less possibility of showing imperfections, including lapping or other uneven spots. By the way, the non-rectified tiles don’t need the extra manufacturing process of the rectification, which means non-rectified tiles offer relatively low prices.

Glazed VS Polished Porcelain Tiles: Which are Better?

OK, the first problem was solved. It is time to solve the dilemma between glazed and polished porcelain tiles. Which is better between glazed porcelain tile and polished porcelain floor tiles. The following parts would solve you this versus.
white polished porcelain tile
White Polished Porcelain Tile

Wear Resistance

Compared with the polished porcelain floor tiles, the glazed porcelain tile has an extra layer of glaze, offering a better brightness and better transparency than the polished tiles. Because of this crystal layer, it also performs in the wear resistance not as well as the polish tiles.

Stain Resistance

This crystal layer of the glazed porcelain tile also brings benefits. This layer is delicate and even provides no place for dust. As for the polished tiles, they have uneven air holes on the surface which easily cause the dust to gather.


The glazed tile flooring price is more expensive than polished porcelain tiles because the glazed flooring tile requires a complicated process, rich glaze colors.


The crystal layer brings a delicate and smooth texture, even in small details. Compared with the glazed floor tiles, the polished tiles is relatively rough.


The porcelain tiles 600x600 or the tile 600*800 are suitable for the living room. The glazed tiles are usually 300 * 300. Polished tiles are mainly used in the living room.

Are Polished Porcelain Tile Any Good?

Because the polished porcelain tile has high durability and wear-resistance, it works perfectly in residential or commercial buildings.
polished porcelain floor tiles
Polished Porcelain Floor Tiles


All in all, the rectified polished porcelain tile brings you a clear and perfect flooring surface. The polished tiles and glazed tiles have their benefits which could be applied to different occasions. The polished porcelain floor tiles are suitable for the kitchen and living room. The glazed porcelain floor tile is a great option for kitchen, bathroom, and even squeaky clean laundry rooms. If you are still confused about which type of porcelain tile is good for your project, you could consult the porcelain tile manufacturers.