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Xiamen Stone Fair

OVERLAND Enterprise Tianwo's Sintered stone slabs debut at Xiamen Stone Fair

From May 18th to 21st, the 21st China Xiamen Stone Fair with the theme of "Renewing the Stones for the Future" was held.

It is understood that the total area of this exhibition is 162,000 square meters, with a total of 20 exhibition halls. In addition to exhibiting a wealth of stone-related products, a series of keywords such as green building, custom-built, hard-covered projects, energy efficiency improvement of housing construction, smart construction, and product power construction have also become the focus of attention, and it is urgent for a "stone" person to speak up .

This time, OVERLAND Enterprise Tianwo's Sintered stone slabs officially appeared at the professional stone exhibition. The exhibition hall is located in Hall A3 of the artificial stone exhibition area, with booth number A3002.

The design of the pavilion takes simplicity, individuality, and interest as the aesthetic ideas-the open design has a wide and spacious visual effect, which is relaxing and informal; at the same time, it reflects the fun of the space through the staggered up and down. The main body adopts high-grade gray tones, and part of the walls boldly adopt bright colors, with lighting atmosphere settings, to create a modern and fashionable style, while forming a contrast and grabbing attention.
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