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How to Clean Bathroom Tiles Grout

The bathroom tile designs play an important role in presenting the beauty of your bathroom. But, the bathroom is a naturally humid places. When comes to the summer, the mold would start to thrive and survive in the grout of bathroom tiles. Fortunately, this post would cover the methods of cleaning bathroom tile grout and the maintenance tips of bathroom wall and floor tiles.

8 Methods to Clean Bathroom Wall And Floor Tiles Grouts

According to the intensity of cleaning, these methods are listed rankly. Therefore, you had better begin with the first cleaning method on this list, which is the mildest, least harmful method. If you are not ensuring that the method is suitable, you could first use the method on the corner of the bathroom shower tile.

Before Cleaning: Identify The Types Of Bathroom Tiles Grouts

There are several types of grouts and most types come in multiple colors. It’s important to take both type and hue into consideration before you start gathering cleaning supplies and making a cleaning plan. And these grout types can be further broken down as follows:
bathroom floor tile sale
Bathroom Floor Tile Sale

●Sanded Grout: The sanded grout is made with cement. You could see and feel the grit when you are working with it. This grout is usually used in larger joints (more than ⅛ inch wide and up to ⅝ inch or 1 inch, depending on the product). It is an ideal grout in the heavily trafficked floor. But for glazed tile flooring or white polished floor tiles, it is not a great option, because the grit may scratch these surfaces during grout application.

●Unsanded Grout: The unsanded grout is also made with cement, but it doesn’t contain grit. It is a suitable option for narrow joints, as same as 1/16 inch wide. Compared with sanded grout, it is easy to clean and maintain. It is suitable for polished marble tile and vertical surfaces like bathroom shower tile.

●Epoxy Grout: this type of tile grout is more water-resistant and is less vulnerable to shrinking or sagging than cement grouts. It works well in harsh environments, such as on cement tile kitchen backsplash and cement tile shower.

In summary, you need to figure out what type of tile grout before you make a cleaning plan. If not, the cleaning plan may affect the service life of your tile grout.

Method 1: Use Warm Water & A Medium Bristle Brush

If you don’t have a grout scrubber to clean the tile grout. You could go to the hardware store to buy a medium-bristle nylon brush instead of a hard steel one for the purpose of avoiding damaging the grout. When you are cleaning, you should be aware that don’t let the warm water stay on the grout line for a long time, because the grout absorbs the water. Simply spray warm water on the grout lines and scrub in a circular motion, then let it dry.

Method 2: Use Vinegar & Warm Water

If you find the grout of kitchen and bathroom tiles is sealed, you have to turn to use the mixture of vinegar and water. It is because the sealing indicates the grout has accumulated heavy dirt or mild stains. In this method, you need to fill a spray bottle with a half-and-half solution of vinegar and warm water. Then, shake it for the full mixing. After that, spray the mixture on the grout, let it stand for 5 minutes, then scrub the surface with a stiff brush. Tips: Do not use vinegar on the unsealed grout.

Method 3: Apply a Baking Soda Paste & Spray with Vinegar

If the ceramic bathroom floor tiles have sealed, you could cover grout lines with a paste of baking soda and water, and spray the above mixture. When the mixture stops foaming, it is time to scrub with a brush, rinse with plain water, and wipe dry. If the grout is unsealed or needs resealing, apply just the baking soda solution and scrub carefully.

Method 4: Hydrogen Peroxide

The moderate stains may require you to use hydrogen peroxide. You could use the product straight or put it into the homemade grout-cleaning paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. And, this mixture is friendly with both unsealed and sealed grout.
illusion floor tiles
Illusion Floor Tiles

Method 5: Use Oxygen Bleach & Let it Stand for Up to 15 Minutes

For the really tough stains on really grimy white grout, the oxygen bleach may be the wise option. But, before using oxygen bleach to clean grout, you should make sure the room is under good ventilation and strictly follow the manufacturer’s directions for application. In this method, you need to let the oxygen bleach solution soak in for 10-15 minutes before rinsing. And to avoid the dirt resettling into the grout line, you should rinse with a large amount of clean water and then wipe the area dry.

Method 6: Try a Commercial Grout Stain Remover

If the above five methods don’t make sense, you could try to use the grout cleaners, which could quickly remove mold and mildew and restore white grout lines. These removers work in one of two ways: 1. spray and wipe. 2. scrub with a brush. During the cleaning process, you should read and follow the instruction of the products.

Method 7: Steam Mops

With the steaming technology, the steam mops are the effective tools to help you clean the grout lines.

Method 8: Use Chlorine Bleach Sparingly On Grout

It is the last method that can be used sparingly in extreme cases. And, it is not a wise idea to use them as your cleaners because long-term use of caustic cleaners will erode grout.

Maintaining of Bathroom Grouts

After all the tough cleaning jobs, you also need to follow these steps to key your grout fresh for longer---- the maintenance also could relieve a part of the future cleaning work.
Porcelain Wall Tiles
Porcelain Wall Tiles

Keep the Bathroom Dry

When you are taking a shower, you need to ensure the exhaust fans are in use or open the windows as possible. Always use bath mats and freshen up when necessary.

Handle the small Stains

The white toothpaste is an affordable and practical spot solution. Just rub into the stained grout line and let it stand for a few minutes, before scrubbing away with an old toothbrush.


You may also confront some questions about the cleaning and maintaining tile grouts. Please continue to read the following section.

Question: Can You Use Steel Wool on Grout?

Answer: No! Although the steel wool could scrub away the stain, it could take some of the grout along with it. Furthermore, the steel wool can scratch the surface of the ceramic porcelain floor tiles.

Question: Does Magic Eraser Work on Grout?

Answer: This method is a supplement to the regular grout-cleaning routine. A magic eraser and a little warm water can remove residue from the surface of bathroom tiles.


All in all, you could make good use of your daily products to clean the grout of bathroom tiles. Also, before cleaning the ceramic tile bathroom floor, you need to evaluate the degree of the dirt and make a full cleaning plan.