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Is Porcelain Tile Better Than Ceramic Tile?

Although porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles look similar, they are totally different items. And some also mis use the terms ‘porcelain’ and ‘ceramic’ tiles. And, when you are planning to purchase the tiles for your projects, you also may wonder which is better them. Fortunately, as one of the professional tile manufacturers in the world, Overland would tell you which is better in this post.

1. Manufacturing Method

The raw materials for the manufacturing of porcelain tile and ceramic tile are different. The ceramic tile is usually made of natural red, brown, or white clay. First, the clay would be fired at a high temperature to reduce the water content, and the glaze followed by the pattern is then applied. As for the porcelain tiles, they are made of very specific clay, with finely-ground sand and feldspar added to the mixture. During the firing process, the porcelain tiles are fired at a higher temperature than ceramic tiles, which made the porcelain tiles denser and super hardwearing.
overland porcelain tiles
Overland Porcelain Tiles

2. Liquid Resistance

As above mentioned, they are manufactured by two different methods. Therefore, their internal structures are different. Porcelain tiles are denser and less porous than ceramic tiles.
Therefore, porcelain tiles contain less water in a moist environment. Because of it, the porcelain tile flooring is better than the ceramic tiles in the water resistance.

3. Highly Stain Resistant

The different internal structures also determine their stain resistance. On one hand, with such a high density, the porcelain tiles are highly impervious to most substances, and stains are not easily seeped down in and set. However, once the stains are left and don't get removed for a long time, they would be not easy to remove. On the other hand, ceramic tiles have a porous internal structure, so it is easy to contain stains. Then, the stain on the ceramic kitchen floor tiles also is easy to remove.
porcelain tiles 600x600
Porcelain Tiles 600x600

3. Durability

Regarding durability, porcelain tiles have a better performance than ceramic tiles. With the high density and compact internal structure, unglazed porcelain floor tile may be the better option for use in a commercial environment, or in a high-traffic location. Furthermore, thanks to the high density, the unglazed porcelain floor tile are much more difficult to break and can well withstand heavy furniture better than ceramic tile can.

4. Lifespan

Looking through the overall floor market, there are few materials that can work well as porcelain tile does. It is because porcelain tile flooring is hard to break and chip and extremely hard. Therefore, among ceramic porcelain floor tiles, porcelain tile flooring has a longer lifespan.

5. Low Maintenance

The high density of the porcelain tiles also makes the porcelain tiles need low maintenance. You just simply wash them regularly and clean up the tiles' grout, and they would remain in good shape for years. Furthermore, even if they are cracked or damaged, they still present a good looking.

6. Installation Space

Porcelain tile tends to be more versatile than ceramic tile. The porcelain tiles can be used in interior or exterior spaces. Then, the ceramic tile can be installed in the interior space. Here is the chart that lists where the porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles can be installed
According to the above chart, porcelain kitchen tiles are the ideal option. With high density and durability, the porcelain tiles work well in high-traffic and high-moisture areas.
Ceramic Tile Porcelain Tile
Walls and floors. Floors.
Home interiors. Use on walls depending on weight
Commercial interior walls. Commercial properties – hotels, offices, retail outlets.
Low foot traffic areas Areas with very high moisture levels such as wetrooms, bathroom, kitchen.
Inside. High foot traffic areas.


After comparison, you may clearly know that porcelain tiles are better than ceramic tiles in many aspects. The manufacturing methods determine the differences between them and make the porcelain tiles better than ceramic tiles.
Overland is one of the professional and trusted porcelain tile manufacturers in China, offering a wide collection of kitchen tile designs and bathroom tile designs by making good use of porcelain tiles.