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Matt Porcelain Tiles

Selecting the right flooring options for your beloved house is an inevitable part. However, today, the porcelain tile market is flooded with a sea of different styles, finishes and patterns of floor tiles, which can make finding the right floor tiles fit for your space an overwhelming task. Fortunately, this post would introduce the matt porcelain tiles, to let you get further understanding about floor tiles.

Are Matte Porcelain Tiles Good?

The matte porcelain tiles are the good option for house use. The matte porcelain tiles provide more friction, so it could reduce the possibility of slippery accident happening. According to this feature, it also be the best tile for bathroom floor and other wet areas.

Matt Bathroom Tiles

matt bathroom tiles

A sophisticated range of colors combined with a rich assortment of sizes. The collection of matt porcelain tiles that can inspire a wide variety of home design ideas and provide unique, welcoming visual impact. Antique and modern, natural and honed. The tactile surface, with its many subtle variations, offers the pleasure of choosing from two expressions.

Matt Floor Tiles

matt floor tiles
On these surfaces of History Collection, we can rediscover the values of the craftsmanship of yesteryear and the signs left by time passing. In-essence embodies this legacy and transfers it to us with refreshing spontaneity. It is generally used indoors, but can also be chosen for outdoor locations.

Matt Grey Floor Tiles

matt grey floor tiles
The Terrazzo collection matt tile is embellished by a mix of stone chips and cement tiles, with nuances balanced in their intensity, having a tactile surface consisting of matt and glossy contrasts. A single decoration was chosen from both mixes to create strongly characterised decorative surfaces having huge aesthetic impact.


Established in 1999, Overland has 50+ R&D Staffs in China Production Base, always focusing and developing matt porcelain tiles. Therefore, you could find the best matt wall tiles and matt floor tiles in Overland. If you are finding the matt porcelain tiles, please email us sales@overlandceramics.com or call us +86 138 2774 5033.