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Porcelain Tile Flooring: How Much Does Porcelain Tile Weigh

If you are finding the ceramic tile bathroom floor and porcelain floor tile kitchen, you are in the right place. As one of the China leading porcelain tile manufacturers, Overland is here to give you all the information on the weight of the porcelain tiles – important information if you have some heavy furniture to put on top of them.

Why Do you Need to Weigh Wall and Floor Tiles?

Calculating the weight of the wall and floor tiles is a great start to your projects. According to the weight, you’ll have an understanding of how much weight your structure needs to hold, which would help you design a reliable and great structure for your tiles to be installed.


How Heavy is Porcelain Tile?

It depends on the size of the porcelain tiles. Take an instance, a piece of 12x12 porcelain tiles typically weighs is over 1.8 pounds, and a box of 15 tiles can hold 15 to 30 pounds.
oak wood flooring.
Porcelain Wood Tile - oak Wood Flooring

How Do You Calculate Tile Weight

The calculating process is easy. First, you need to take the measurements of your cement and grout into account. Second, you also need to know the weight of one square foot of tile. For example, if the unglazed porcelain floor tile weight 13 pounds per square foot for each inch of thickness, you need to multiply the thickness in inches by 13 to get the weight of a single square foot of the floor tile. Third, you need to multiply the weight of a single square foot of the tile with the total number of tiles you will need. After that, you can get the weight of the total porcelain tile flooring.

Is Porcelain Tile Heavier Than Ceramic Tile?

From the perspective of the density, the porcelain tiles are denser than the ceramic tile and have less porous. That means the porcelain tiles are heavier than ceramic tiles of the same size.

Zeus Tile

How Much Weight Can Porcelain Tile Support?

If the ceramic porcelain floor tiles are installed in a high-traffic area and footfall is the only pressure on the tiles, the tiles could last for decades. But, when you custom floor tiles for the area where you place the heavy items, such as cast-iron stoves or heavy furniture, you need to consider the strength grade of the porcelain. This porcelain tile flooring should not have an absorption value greater than 0.50%, with an average breaking strength of 275 lbf (pounds of force).


How Much Weight Can Ceramic Tile Support

As for the ceramic tile design, the ceramic tile at least has the break strength of 250 lbs, which is required by ANSI. But sometimes, if your grey patterned floor tiles are made from bad material and can shatter easily.


At last, this brings us to the end of this segment. We have explained a list of problems with the weight of ceramic and porcelain tiles, which would benefit your bathroom floor tiles design and kitchen floor tiles design. But you also could consult the floor tile companies to get the best design plan. Overland could be your best choice.