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Is Polished Porcelain Tile Slippery?

The tiles are the most traffic-used product in an indoor or outdoor space. Then a series of problems come to your mind when you are choosing the porcelain tiles: Is polished porcelain tile slippery? Is polished porcelain good for bathroom floor? This is normal situation. Today, let professional porcelain tile manufacturers disperse the confusion about porcelain tiles.

Is Polished Porcelain Tile Slippery?

As a matter of fact, all types of tiles have the possibility of making you slip on the floor. The shiny and glossy surface doesn’t mean the polished porcelain floor tiles are slippery. Furthermore, no matter how old you are, the possibility of slipping from glossy floor tiles is almost much the same as it would with matte porcelain tiles, because multiple factors could affect the slipperiness of the flooring.
polished porcelain floor tiles
Polished Porcelain Floor Tiles

Therefore, no matter what type of porcelain floor tiles you use, you still have the possibility of slipping when you are walking on the floor if you step on them at the wrong angle.

With that being said, what a pity that you refuse to use polished floor tiles purely because you are worried about slipping. With a smooth surface and great gloss, the porcelain tiles bring in a sense of warmth into a room, while decorating it into an elegant space.

When it comes to considering the slipperiness, you don’t have to worry about too much, as the insignificant difference between polished porcelain tile and matte porcelain tiles. Only if install the porcelain tile properly, your home both look amazing and cause no harm or trouble.

Is Polished Porcelain Tile Good for the Bathroom Floor?

Okay, we have clearly known that there is no significant difference between different tiles in the slipperiness. You may also consider whether the porcelain tiles can be used for bathroom floor tiles?

From the perspective of the professional, you had better choose the anti-slip porcelain tiles as your floor. The anti-slip floor porcelain tiles are the best choice for the bathroom because the bathroom is a place that always is exposed to water----the major factor causing slippery. The porcelain tiles are suitable for the bathroom wall. By the way, the porcelain floor tile is commonly used in the kitchen.

How Do I Make My Porcelain Tile Less Slippery?

Because all kinds of tiles could cause the slipper, and how can I make my porcelain tiles less slippery? Here are the practical solutions to let your porcelain tiles be less slippery.

● Method 1: Use Rugs or Carpet Runners

This method is a practical, inexpensive, and popular way to make your ceramic porcelain floor tiles less slippery. These tools could add friction to your floor. This solution is ideal for the sections of the entryways, hallways, and large open rooms. But covering the whole floor with rugs or carpet runners is not practical. It only can be applied to a small area of your tile floor that gets especially slippery.
porcelain tile bathroom
Porcelain Tile Bathroom

●Method 2: Install Foam Flooring

The foam flooring and mat is a good solution for tiled rooms with a sporting purpose, such as home gyms, playrooms, or workshops. The foam flooring is low-maintenance, durable, and moisture-resistant. You could clean it easily with soap and water. But the foam flooring would cover your orient floor and the charm of your porcelain tiles.

●Method 3: Install Anti-Slip Adhesive Treads

As its name suggests, the anti-slip adhesive treads add anti-slip traction to your tile floor, similar to grip tape on a skateboard. It is usually used in slippery tile floors, especially in the stairs or smaller surface areas. Also, it is a great solution that doesn’t cover up or change the appearance of the floor drastically, because the strip is usually clear.


All in all, every type of floor tile still has the possibility of causing slipping accidents. Under this condition, it means we don't need to over-focus on the slippery when you ensure the floor is clean and dry.

To reduce the possibility of being slippery, you need to reduce the potential factors that may increase the possibility of the slippery of the polished or glazed porcelain floor tile. The wise solution is installing the anti-slip porcelain floor tiles, a suggestion from professional porcelain tile suppliers.
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